Alabama environmental Indoor Air Quality Testing, LLC. 

                  inspection and removal of stubborn Mold and Odors.

Solving indoor air quality and odor concerns in residential and commercial clients for over 19 years.
We provide the most important first step, a professionally certified and confidential laboratory air and or water quality report. This AIAQT test report will determine if additional action will be required to protect your health.  

We will meet or beat any quoted price from other certified and legitimate air quality testing  companies in Mobile and or Baldwin Counties. Call us now     251- 340- 2144                          

Alabama IAQT, LLC. is not just a Mold remediation company !

Our only interest is providing our customers with professional certified laboratory reports in 36 to 48 hours of sample collection. The report will determine if an air quality issue exists or that mold may not be present at elevated levels. Find out if you really do have a problem!
If our tests indicate that a elevated reading is present, we have identified a comprehensive non-invasive product that will not require any removal of your furniture, plants or personal effects.  All products and procedures are EPA certified. This method is very similar to the various fogger used for the treatment of flea infestation. Our customers have been so receptive of this new approach to mold removal and will recommend you to AIQT and our up to date non invasive and non- destructive methods to remove your mold problem. Ask about our one year mold and odor guarantee.

Our pricing schedule is determined by the square feet area to be tested.

Most mold surveys in a single family home under 1000 >square feet will cost $275.00-$350.00, 2000 sq. ft or larger $350.00 to $450.00.

We will remove the most stubborn odors from your home, car, motor home, boats and all other enclosed areas where odors can hide and develop to an unbearable situation. Most applications require 3-5 hours to apply, residential properties less than 1000 sq. ft. $450-$525. Commercial applications over 1000 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft.  $650-$775

When Necessary the search for more invasive TVOC's (Total Volatile Organic Compounds', over 400 chemicals identified), will require 3 hours of sample collection and will cost $550.00 to $750.00 PER SAMPLE TAKEN. Every service call is processed in the same professional manor. Certified lab. reports are available with in 48 to 72 hours of sample collections.


Our customers and there favorite applications:
Apartment Manager
Health Club Management
automobile owners and dealers
boat mold smell
cigarette odor
de-skunk your dog
Hotel Managers
Janitorial Services
pet odors
Property Managers
remove skunk odor
Room shocker

Do you have an elevated mold report,  Please click on this link for everything you will need to know about the remediation process.  www.alabamamoldman.com

All our restorations are Eco-Friendly, EPA compliant & Made in USA of AMERICA.

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Be sure to ask about our one year guarantee to completely remove your mold and odor problems!

​​​​​Have you started to get frequent headaches or exhibit

allergy-induced symptoms and reoccurring sickness?

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