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The state of Alabama has not yet recognized the need for a minimum of classroom training and inspection certifications, licensing for air quality inspections, mold inspections or for the removal of mold, (also known as remediation). AIAQT was first formed in the state of Florida in 2002. We experienced 5 major weather events and was subject to the strict requirements of both written examinations the physical collections of air samples with a COC, legal chain of custody. Most important is a professional understanding of the state requirements for mold testing and the processes approved for the removal of mold by the EPA. These certifications are available for customer to view as attachments. Our training and certification is to the highest standards.

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Performed by a residential service professional, an AIAQT Home Survey is the most comprehensive home air quality assessment available today. It monitors for hundreds of chemicals in the air (called VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds) and active mold growth with a single air sample. It not only reports on the total levels of VOCs and mold present in the home, but it also identifies the potential sources of air pollutants (e.g., paint, adhesives, flooring, cabinets, heating fuel, dead animals and hundreds of other products and materials that emit gases into the air) giving you actionable information on the steps necessary to improve the air quality in your home. In addition, testing for Formaldehyde and Tobacco Smoke can be done at the same time as the IAQ Home Survey test (extra charges may apply for water and soil testing).

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